Project: Master Bedroom Part 2 {side tables}

The master bedroom project is coming along swimmingly.  The painting is all done, the curtain rods have been hung, and a few pieces of art have been hung.  I have yet to make the curtains, and figure out a closet ‘door-type’ situation.  But it definitely coming along!

In the meantime, I am so pleased with our re-made side tables.  I picked the warmest gooey-ist white called Melted Marshmallow.  It makes me think of campfires.

They started out like this:


and then, became this lovely white:


I painted a scrap of wood with the wall colour to decide between two whites: a more blue-ish shade called Canoeing Calm and Melted Marshmallow.  Melted Marshmallow just seemed warmer and a bit more inviting against the navy walls.

I had thought to add a bit of colour by ‘dipping’ the legs in some prettiness… pretty right?

pretty paint colours by Para paints via @heathernheels

…so I did….and it was lovely, for a nursery.


So I marched upstairs to my DIY room and found the perfect solution!


Not Christmas wrapping…Krylon’s Stainless Steel finish spray paint.  Now the table legs are the same finish as our lamps, and the curtain rods.  I love it! I love it so much, I ended up spraying a tray for DH’s side too!


What do you think?  Here’s my side….




I used an old mirror I found in our basement when we moved in to serve as a ‘tray’ and love how it helps to bounce the light.  The picture frames above each of the tables I picked up at Target when they were clearing out….sob.  I haven’t figured out what photos we’ll put in them yet, so for now I just messed around with pretty fonts and photo paper.

….and here’s DH’s side…




I can’t wait to finish the room up and share the big reveal.


p.s don’t you just love the cute little John Derian decoupage platter? My BFF treated me to it for my birthday:)





Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use, however does not compensate me financially for the time, energy, creativity, and bruises I get going nuts with all the painting:).  

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  1. by Jennifer Flores (@ramblingreno) on July 7, 2015  5:04 pm Reply

    I kinda liked the nursery legs! But the stainless steel does look better for a master bedroom, especially will all the other shiny accessories. Love your Good Morning prints as well!

    • by Heather on July 8, 2015  12:10 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Jen! It's funny - those prints were done on a whim, and I love them so much I might not change them! LOL

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