Project: Master Bedroom Part 1

Excellent news! The attic voyage was a success. I was crazy nervous, but successfully went where no Heather has gone before.  And I’m delighted to report, there was nothing interesting to find.  Any homeowner knows the sweet relief that comes with this discovery.

I strapped a video camera to my head and made a video to bring you along on my adventure.

And after discovering the attic had a light, I managed to bonk my head and turn off the camera as I climbed up further…..but I think you get the gist of my adventure.

It seems someone put wallpaper ON THE CEILING, and then proceeded to paint over it.  Multiple layers of paint and a layer of wallpaper are just peeling.  Which is not ideal, but not a big deal.  And so I’ve patched it up and will deal with it.  I’ll be totally frank, I am in no mood to strip all that mess off my ceiling.

So with all that, the master bedroom makeover has begun!  The first project I needed to tackle was finishing off the closet.  The closet in our room is HUGE.  And there’s a second one.  In the same room. This is my dream home.

The problem with the big one was, it had the tiniest door on it.  You basically had access to about four feet out of over twelve feet of closet space.  We had to scale the inside of the closet walls just to get to our stuff, which was mega annoying.

So one weekend maybe five years ago, DH surprised me by ripping it out and putting in three IKEA Pax closet units.  #someonegotluckythatnight

We had said we would ‘finish’ the closet and then never got around to it.  So it sat like that for years.  Why is it that our master bedroom is always one of the last rooms we work on?

And so, this week I finished it.  Already it looks a million times better.

Here’s the room before:

before master bedroom view by @heathernheelsYou can see the three colours I was choosing between:) …and Eddie-Vedder enjoying the bed….

before master bedroom by @heathernheels

See the unfinished closet? And the ugly door? Both are headed for some improvements!

Looking forward to sharing the transformations!

{update: See the full master bedroom reveal HERE}


  1. by bmwoods72 on June 28, 2015  1:10 pm Reply

    Omg! I love your video.

    • by Heather on June 28, 2015  1:11 pm Reply

      Thanks! I had a good laugh watching it when I downloaded the footage.

  2. by Judith on June 28, 2015  1:37 pm Reply

    I love everything you post Heather. You should be so proud of your accomplishments and your talent!! I enjoyed watching your attic real. I would have reacted just the same way !! Your house is definitely your home, and it is stunning.

  3. by Judith on June 28, 2015  3:13 pm Reply

    I love everything you post Heather. You should be so proud of what you have accomplished and your talent! Yours and DH's house is truly a beautiful home. I enjoyed watching the attic video....I would have reacted the same way.... ! I look forward to all future entertaining. You could have your own TV show.

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