Progress Report: DIY Den

We can file this project under ‘longest project everrrrrr’.  I feel like I started it eons ago! And in blog-land, I kinda did – a whole seven months ago! UGH.

It’s incredible the changes the room has already experienced, and it is almost done!!! #HighFive

I had a lot of things on my list and that is what has made this such a long project.  Since the room is my DIY room and home office it needs to be very functional.  It also needs to be pretty.  And finally, the room had to be created the DIY-way: using items I already had, found, or was thrifty in purchasing.

This week the painting began, and I’m almost ready to put it back together, hang the art, and give the big reveal.

But for now, a progress report:

I found the perfect light fixture for the room at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (love that place!) for only $10!  I brought it home and successfully installed it myself without setting the house on fire:) #yayme

light fixture from ReStore by @heathernheels

Isn’t it a million times better than that old ugly thing?  Um yes!

While I was at the ReStore I also managed to score eight little legs perfect for boosting the height of the desk (my IKEA desk I got in grade six!) for a total of $2.  TWO BUCKS! #score

While the Encyclopedia Britannica’s that were boosting it up got more use holding the desk up than they have in many years, it’s not an ideal solution for the long term.  So I spray painted the legs and they are just what the doctor ordered:)

table legs spray painted by @heathernheels

And speaking of spray paint…I also changed up this old window.  It will go from being photo display to my office white board.

spray painting an old window gold @heathernheels

I’ve also almost finished all the painting.  The walls and ceiling are a glorious and palest of pinks, the trim is a bright white and the floors….ohhhh the floors.  They’re PURPLE! The colour is appropriately called Royal Throne.

DIY Den by @heathernheels

I can’t wait to share once it’s all done!

Here’s what it was like before I got to work painting and removed all the furniture.

DIY Den before via @heathernheels

The furniture won’t go back in exactly the way it was, which is why I am glad I lived with it in a temporary state for a while.  The lamps have moved to the living room, and are much better there since they took up too much work space.

It can get pretty crowded in this room 🙂 #SelfieStickForTheWin

the boys from @lifeasawookie love hanging out while I work via @heathernheels


Can’t wait to get the room all put back together and share it with you!:)

Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use.  Isn’t that awesome! (and addiction feeding? ha!).