I might get eaten in my attic!

I need to put on my big girl panties.  Strap one on.  Man up.  Dig deep.  Be brave.  I need to go into the attic.

So here’s the deal…I was putting on a sweatshirt the other day and as my head when up through the neck hole I looked up at our bedroom ceiling.  This is what I saw.

ceiling-is-peeling-in-our-master bedroom via @heathernheels

It’s always ‘kinda’ been like that, but I feel like it’s worse.  You can see there was a patch job done on another section before we moved in, so I’m not super worried…it is an old house after all.  Things move.  The thing is, since our master bedroom is the next project on my hit list, well…it got me thinking.  If I’m going to paint the ceiling (which I am), I will need to fix that.

Which led me to yell, “BAAAABE! Can you come to the bedroom please?”

DH arrives in the bedroom and gives me an inquiring look.

“I need to you to go into the attic and see what’s what.” I smile all sweet and lovingly.

A devilishly handsome smirk crosses his face.  His dimples appear.  His eyes sparkle.

And then his finger wags at me as he says, “ummmm, no,” and then he does the voice he uses to imitate me (which sounds nothing like me btw) and says, “I’m little miss DIY.  I have a blog.  I can do anything!

CRAP.  He used my words against me.

And then he says, “Think of it this way, it will make great content.”

Double crap.  He used my words against me AGAIN! (This is a line I use regularly to justify picking things out of dumpsters or off the side of the road.)

His final words as he leaves the room, “you can title the post, My DH is a dick!”

And I laughed, swallowed a big gulp of gumption, and started planning my ascent….into the attic we go!

I’m rather scared to be honest. But like I said, I’m going to be brave, push my boundaries, learn a new skill. And not shit my pants.

But good news! I’m going to be video taping the whole thing, so you can see just what I encounter.  Should it be necessary, I can also use it as my last will and testament if I am about to be mauled by a chipmunk or something. So that’s handy.

Wish me luck! High ho, high ho, it’s up to the attic I go.