Fiestaware inspired bar stools

From boring bar stools to a fabulous FIESTA!

This project combined my love of many things: spray paint, new to me treasures from the #ReStore, my staple gun, and Fiestaware. Such a great combination!

I make a point of stopping in at my local ReStore on a regular basis.  You never know what you’ll find, and I have a long mental list of things I could easily pick up.  One such item on my list was new bar stools for our kitchen.

The three stools that we had were just too short for the counter making it kind of awkward to eat, and after seven years were on their last legs…and could have been a repair project – but the height factor really frustrated me.  Plus, I always wanted four there…..(see how I justify things? I’m good like that).

So when I spied these at my local #Restore the other day I was sold.  Only $10 each.

(there are four...why I didn't photograph four is beyond me...)

(there are four…why I didn’t photograph four is beyond me…)

Just the right height (amazing what an inch and a half will do!), and just itching for spray paint and new fabric.

My inspiration? My favourite Fiestaware colours:)  I’ve mentioned before I’m mildly obsessed with dishes….

I picked up the coordinating spray paint and headed to Fabricland to see if they had any outdoor fabric that would work.  (outdoor fabric is great for bar stools…it’s amazing how dirty they can get!)

And lucky me, they were having their big 50% off event, so I scored the perfect fabric for only $6.50 a meter! I only needed one, but got two, because you know….extra fabric.  This happened to me last year when I was updating the Louis XV chair too!

fiestaware inspired DIY project via @heathernheels

Each chair got their own colour and the cushions got their fancy new covers, and poof! Fiestaware inspired bar stools!

Fiestaware inspired bar stool DIY project by @heathernheels

The kitchen is a disaster and it’s a busy week – so I hope to get some shots of the stools in their final home at the kitchen counter to share soon.  In the meantime, we’re enjoying them:)

Update: I finally remembered to take a photo of the kitchen with the bar stools! And six months in, I must say I’m loving them just as much!:)




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