DIY Den: The BIG Reveal! with @ParaPaints

Three cheers for paint! Seriously.  It’s amazing what paint can do to transform a space.  Going from boring beige walls and a brown (and chipped) floor, to fresh barely pink walls, fresh white trim, and those supercalifragilisticexpialidocious purple floors just make ALL the difference.

Other than being a long project, it was rather simple and done very much on the cheap frugal.  Let’s just remind ourselves of the room before….

DIY Den before via @heathernheels

Once the room was empty, I filled all the holes in the walls and got to work painting the ceiling first, then the walls.  Both got three light coats of Para’s Lefkara Lace, just the softest palest of pinks… almost white.  For the trim I deviated from my usual Jo Jo Whitewash, to use Chrysler Hall White.  It’s a bit cooler than Jo Jo Whitewash and creates a bit more of a contrast with the wall colour which I wanted.






And finally, those floors.  Those glorious gorgeous floors.  So regal.  The colour: Royal Throne.  Perfect for me to perch myself on while I manage my empire;) I’ll be posting details on the entire floor painting process later this week, so stay tuned.

I even managed to more or less ‘hide’ the filing cabinet (a necessary evil) behind the door at the foot of the chaise, which is the perfect spot for my sewing machine.



As I said here, the goal of the room was to create a pretty and functional space to both work from home and do DIY projects.  I wanted a bright and very clean space that I could use as a back drop for photos, so really wanted to minimize clutter.  I also wanted to make sure I did it as thrift-ily as possible.

What thrifty things did I get up to? Well….

  • I visited my parents house and got my grade six IKEA desk
  • At the ReStore I picked up the legs to boost the desk up in height (8 for $2!)
  • The white shelving units were previously in DH’s retail store
  • The work surfaces on top of those two units are leftover shelves from when DH built me my fantastic IKEA PAX closet (which I just screwed onto the top)
  • The curtains are a king size flat sheet … cut in half  #boom
  • The area rug was on sale at Target
  • The ‘white board’ was an old window I simply spray painted and now use to write my ‘to-dos’
  • Also from the ReStore is the fabulous new light fixture  ($10)

And can we just dwell on the curtains for a second? Seriously! Easiest project EVER. EVER. I took a white king sized flat sheet from our linen closet, cut it in half and made ‘tabs’ with some scissors at the back of what would be the top of the sheet and is now the top of the curtain so it would ‘ruffle’.  Stuck them on a rod, and boom… floor length curtains.  They are clean and don’t clutter the room visually, and also let a lovely soft white light through when they are closed – perfect for photo taking!





paint brushes and scissors in DIY home office via @heathernheels

And finally, don’t you just LOVE the art? More on that tomorrow:)



ps. for those with good eyes, you’ll spy Entrepreneur Barbie there…she’s my mascot;)

Products Used:

Para Paints Lefkara Lace in eggshell P5132-14 (walls and ceiling)

Para Paints Chrysler Hall White in gloss P2118-00 (trim)

Para Paints Royal Throne Super Grip Fortified Acrylic Enamel for floors

Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use, however does not compensate me financially for the time, energy, creativity, and bruises I get going nuts with all the painting:).  

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  1. by Shelly Hill on June 9, 2015  8:25 am Reply

    It's fabulous! Love it! I couldn't tell that the frame was gold at first and I was thinking ... wow, I'm surprised she didn't paint that. I should have known. Lol. Great job Heather.

    • by Heather on June 9, 2015  10:39 am Reply

      hahaha! you know me so well:) thanks so much! I am loving the pretty place:)

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