Take a peak inside my drawers ;) w @ElectroluxCAN

I love food.  I love eating food, making food, looking at food, smelling food, and yes I even like buying food! It’s such a pleasure to plan out meals, make a list, find the items you need, find items you didn’t know you needed (thank you Costco!), and then re-stock the fridge.

Here’s the thing though. While I love grocery shopping, I really have no interest in doing it daily. Which is why I am glad I live in the modern era of refrigeration.  Now if Jamie Fraser was my prize for no fridge….well, I’d be okay with that.  But I digress…. (if you ‘ken’ Jamie, I’ll give you a moment to linger …)

I am a regular at Costco.  We eat a LOT of fresh food.  We also like to entertain.  All of these things make storage space a regular issue…or did make it a regular issue.  No more though!

We heaved our dishwasher to the curb and in it’s place sits the most gloriously handy kitchen appliance.

My fancy pants refrigeration drawers.

Electrolux Refridgeration drawers in beautiful kitchen via @heathernheels

It was SUPER easy to install.  What I mean is, I supervised DH and he didn’t seem to have any trouble:) And it fit like a glove in the spot where the dishwasher was.  Like a glove!

Wanna peak inside?

We go through a lot of milk in a week, so being able to have multiple bags is very handy.  Also handy is storage for all the yogurt, apples, coffee cream, butter, eggs (we LOVE eggs), and more.

Electrolux Refridgeration drawers filled with food via @heathernheels


The drawers glide like it’s nobody’s business and you can set the temperature to your liking, there’s even an ‘away’ mode, which is brilliant! We haven’t used that yet, but it will be very handy for those times when we’ll be leaving little to no food and don’t want to waste energy.


Electrolux refridgeration drawers with milk and apples via @heathernheels

And when it’s time to entertain, well that’s when my drawers really come out to play!

I love having a dedicated ‘drink drawer’.  It allows guests to help themselves without having to go too far into the kitchen (where I am usually fussing about), and also gives me room to store a FULL charcuterie platter before guests arrive – making advance prep even easier!  I’ll be sharing all the details on just how much my drawers help with entertaining in an upcoming post:) {update: see the post here}

And what about the dishwasher you ask? He’s fine.  I make sure he gets fed great meals every day, and it seems to keep him running perfectly;)



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Electrolux. Electrolux was generous in providing this unit to us, however the opinions, photos, and food are all mine:)