Two years & ten random facts

Hard to believe it’s been two whole years since launching HeatherInHeels ! Amazing how time flies, how many projects I’ve accomplished, and how many fabulous people have come into my life as a result.  It’s been 103 posts (this is 104!) of adventure.  I can say for sure, it’s been an incredible journey mostly filled with paint, some food, some dogs, some fabulous frocks, and a little dash of heartache.  All of which have led to today, and I am so happy to be here.

And to celebrate two whole years with you, I thought I’d share ten random facts about ‘lil ‘ol me:)

1) Since about Thanksgiving, I’ve been longing to have summer toes again.

I asked to be surprised with something summery:) #watermelon #pedi

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2) This blog may have caused a severe spray paint problem. I literally can’t go into Home Depot without picking up one can…regardless of if I need it or not. You know, just in case…and you can never have too many colour choices.

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3) While I am not a good singer, and wouldn’t really put going to a karaoke bar (let alone singing at one) high on my list of desired actvities. Should I be forced on stage and forced to pick a song, this is it. This song, an open sun roof, and a red light usually results in some form of spectacularly embarrassing moment. (for the other driver who got caught staring… 😉 )

4) While I am very much a Veronica now, I used to be a Betty.

@heathernheels as a blonde Betty

5) I can’t buy gas near Easter without buying a Cadbury Cream Egg too. It’s impossible. They. Are. SO. Damn. Good.

6) If I could have any musical talent (not like the superstar making talent, just decent enough talent that no one would say I suck), it would be to sing. I would love to be able to sing at campfires. See what I mean about random. Random.

Backyard fire time #awesome

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7) My “Party Popper” (my air popcorn machine) is my favourite appliance. Popcorn is a food group where I am concerned. A very tasty food group.

8) Summer concerts are my crack. I love them. DH and I saw three great shows last summer: Arcade Fire, Arkells, and Arctic Monkeys. You could say it was a AAA summer. Which leads to…

9) I love super cheesy jokes.  And fart jokes.  Yes, I am a 10 year old boy.  #dontjudge

10) If I could have any career other than one I have right now, it would be one of the following: chef, food stylist, personal stylist, personal shopper, lady of leisure.  I tend to lean towards to the last one:) More time to paint and make things:)

Thank YOU so much for reading and here’s to the great adventure the next two years will bring!

xox Heather


  1. by Shelly Hill on March 19, 2015  8:02 am Reply

    I wish I was even a 1/4 as interesting as you are. Seriously! I really need to work on that. Great job Heather. Keep it up girl!

    • by Heather on March 19, 2015  10:09 am Reply

      oh but you are my friend:) and lovely, and pretty, and witty, and you've got a delightful edge:) Thank you friend:) xox H

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