My dog is a celebrity!

So I’ve been keeping a secret in for a while and I can’t even say how exciting it is to write this post, to share the BIG news!!  There is no font or ALL CAPS big enough.  This is so exciting!:)

Hermann-Maier is a celebrity!!!

Our sweet Hermann, the oldest of our dogs, is going to be appearing on EVERY package of Rayne dog food!! Well, to be more specific… the kangaroo variety he and Eddie eat (technically called Rayne Whole Food’s K9 Low-Fat/Novel Protein-KSP).

Can you believe it!?

Sweet Hermann #wirehairedpointinggriffon

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This sweet mug!

“Look what I found…” #fetchanyone A photo posted by Hermann-Maier & Eddie-Vedder (@lifeasawookie) on


I’m sure you’re thinking, “of course, Hermann’s a handsome sucker! Perfect model!”, but you might also be wondering why (in addition to being so darn good looking).  And here’s why.

Rayne Whole Food gave us our Hermann back.

Simple as that.

Yet, so wonderful.

@raynewholefood thank you again for getting Hermann back to normal 🙂

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His dramatic energy increase, joie de vivre, and overall well being has drastically improved.  We celebrate this almost daily, enjoying the rebound. Hermann’s success story, now that’s he’s “right as Rayne!” is what got him this modelling job. 

And here’s the great news….if you have a success story of your dog (or cat) who has seen success with Rayne, they want to hear from YOU! Share your Rayne success story by emailing and be sure to tweet, instagram, and post to Rayne’s facebook

To read more about our journey with Rayne Whole Food, click here. @RayneWholeFood Contest via @Heathernheels



Sponsored Post Disclosure: As I mentioned in my first post, I reached out to Rayne as a result of loving the impact their food was having on the boys. We receive food and treats, but no financial compensation in our role as Pet-Ambassadors:). The opinions, as always, are 100% mine. 

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