Light & bright hallway entrance


I just love it when the world delivers to me exactly what I didn’t know I needed.  For free.  This happened to me late Friday afternoon driving home with two very muddy dogs from a delightful Spring hike.  I found {another, yes! remember this one?} mirror on the side of the road. #score

Hallway mirror found by @heathernheels

Now, let me back track for a minute.  I’ve mentioned before that our hallway is basically in a constant state of evolution.  See the black table in the previous hallway post? Well between then and now it has moved upstairs to our bedroom.  Put in it’s place was our vintage sewing table (which was in the bedroom), and then that moved into the living room and I temporarily put our bar cart there.  Having the bar cart there was super handy for dinner parties but not helpful the rest of the time, so it is now in the dining room.  The picture frames went into the living room as part of the feature wall, and in their place a painting of mine (which will soon go into the kitchen/dining room once it’s re-painted). phewf.  And now we’re up to date.

I always loved having the vintage school desk and chair there (see previous post), and since they were just in the basement I was glad to move them back in.

Enter a fabulous find, the mirror.  With the mirror painted white it really brightens up the area.  Plus, the area is much more functional now.  The chair is helpful for getting shoes on out of the hall closet, the table for pretty things, and the mirror for getting coats, mitts, and toques on, as well as lipstick checking.

Hallway mirror DIY by @heathernheels

I feel like this is one of the more permanent evolutions, but as my DH is famous for saying, “we’ll see” 🙂

Hallway mirror and entrance table vignette by @heathernheels

Supplies Used:

  • Craft paper (to cover mirror)
  • Painters tape (to hold craft paper to mirror)
  • White Gloss Rustoleum Spray Paint

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