Christmas trees & traditions

Christmas is definitely a time of year for traditions. Both for celebrating old ones and creating new ones. A tradition in my family is the tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree. Whether it was with my Mom and step Dad, or my Dad and step Mom, the drive to the tree farm and the adventure that ensued was always amazing.

Being a family of two, DH and I continued that tradition heading out each year to the tree farm and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree. But a few years ago, our tradition expanded and evolved into a new one. A very special one. We host my BFF, her handsome hubby, and their three beautiful children (who I have mentioned before) and we have what has now become our annual ‘Christmas tree weekend’.

This photo is from our first ‘Christmas tree weekend’. I love this photo.

DH and "Mr.B"

DH and “Mr.B”

We head out first thing in the morning to the tree farm. We take tractor rides sitting on hay, we hunt for the perfect trees, and after much deliberation cut them down, watch them get wrapped, and strap them to the cars.

Christmas tree weekend traditions with @heathernheels

We each head home and I have my own tradition…decorating the tree watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I then send a photo of the decorated tree to my BFF & the kids, and they in return send back a photo of their decorated tree. I love this. Here’s our tree this year, breaking from my usual tradition of lots of red:)

Decorated Christmas tree with vintage skiis by @heathernheels

ps. we have another goofy tradition too….taking a super dorky photo in the car on the way home with the tree. My handsome DH…also known as Clark W. Griswold.

Goofy Christmas traditions with @heathernheels