Projects blooming in my beautiful brain

There are SO MANY projects I’d like to tackle. So many. Some are totally necessary and part of the bigger list, like rebuilding our front porch. And then there are others that I’d simple just like to do if money, time, and skills weren’t a factor. Like say, adding to our kitchen cabinets so they go right to the ceiling. And while we’re at it…change the hardware and paint them white. 🙂 I spent at least an hour reading up on how to do it this morning. I’ve actually convinced myself I could totally tackle it. #ImCrazy

Flowers at market with Project blooming in my beautiful brain text on top by @heathernheels

Of course, there is so much yet to do in my DIY Diva Den.

List of items to do in DIY diva Den by @heathernheels

I started on the lamps today. They are currently drying (or freezing…) outside.

Lamp DIY spray paint white by @heathernheels

So, on the list of projects blooming in my beautiful brain I’ve got (so far):
– Finish the DIY Diva Den
– Paint our bedroom & make new curtains for the room
– Re-paint the kitchen (the yellow is lovely, but really messes with food photos – yes, I’m crazy like that)
– Add to tops of kitchen cupboards, paint cupboards & add new hardware (no biggie…)
– Re-paint all the trim in the hallways…white trim and dogs make for frequent cleaning & regular painting:)
– Find dresser & sink to make new vanity for upstairs bathroom

who knows what else will get added to the ‘want’ list:) Somewhere in there I’ll have to focus on the ‘need’ list too…darn reality!

I’m off to check on the lamps:) More to come on those later!


  1. by Vanessa@Decor Happy on November 26, 2014  2:04 pm Reply

    I hear you! So much to do and so little time and money! I LOVE those lamps and can't wait to see them with their shades. Good luck with everything! As I tell clients, Rome wasn't built in a day! PS I love the title of this post - really drew me in!

    • by Heather on November 26, 2014  6:26 pm Reply

      thanks Vanessa:) I am in total awe of your fabulous kitchen, which has me thinking bigger than maybe I should LOL!:) such an inspiration:)

    • by Heather on November 26, 2014  6:27 pm Reply

      thanks Heather! I am loving them! went hunting at Target today for shades...think I found the perfect ones!

  2. by katieedwardsis on November 27, 2014  12:11 am Reply

    I have a looooooooong to-do list, as well. Can't wait to see how the lamps turn out. I like the white already!

  3. by Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc. on November 27, 2014  8:16 am Reply

    That darn reality! That's the world my hubs lives in, irks me. ;) Your beautiful brain sounds like mine, I have so many projects looming and just when I think they are organized and prioritized I sneak another one in... it's a sickness I tell ya! xo Your lamps look awesome, white is sooo much better! What is the paint you used?

    • by Heather on November 27, 2014  8:22 am Reply

      Thanks so much!!:) I am loving the white - the hunt is on for the perfect shades now:) I used Rustoleum gloss white spray paint for them. super easy and great coverage.

  4. by dani@lifeovereasy on November 27, 2014  12:30 pm Reply

    I hear you! There is always more to do than you can ever fit in. My favourite line around here is "Put it on the list!"

    • by Heather on November 27, 2014  3:34 pm Reply

      LOL:) so true! my problem is distinguishing between the real 'to do' grown up list, and the want list of fun projects:)

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