Super Simple Summer Celebration Crowns: DIY floral crowns

We’ve all heard them, the dreaded Back To School ads reminding us that summer is coming to a close. I even saw Christmas decorations at Costco the other day! AHHH! Which is why on a whim I decided to make these super simple, and super fun, summer celebration crowns.

how to make simple summer celebration crowns DIY

I am blessed with amazing friends and got to spend time with two of them earlier this week and their crazy-pants kids for a fun girls night in. And what better way to celebrate both summer and being a girl, than a crown?!

Simple Summer Celebration Crowns DIY via

They were silly easy to make and require very little in the way of supplies. The bonus is, you can customize your crowns any way you like! The whopping grand total for this project was $11.30 – cute and budget friendly!

Step One:
Visit your local dollar store and pick up some faux flowers, headbands (make sure they are wider), and other little goodies – I picked up cupcakes and flip flops. (and if you don’t have a glue gun at home, pick one up too, and oooooodles of glue).

supplies for summer crowns DIY

Step Two:
Remove all the flowers and greens from the stems. You’ll also want to heat up your glue gun:)

DIY how to make summer flower crowns

Step Three:
Bust out your glue gun and get gluing. I used six flowers per crown and made sure to leave a few inches of room on either ‘end’ so there was no bulk behind the ears.

Summer celebration crowns DIY

Step Four:
Add in your goodies. Each crown got two different flip flops and a cupcake:)

Cupcakes and flip flops on summer crowns DIY

Step Five:
Put on your crown, prance around, and celebrate.


  1. by Becki on August 25, 2016  6:25 pm Reply

    These are so precious!!! Love the pic of the girls on the trampoline too!

    • by Heather on August 26, 2016  9:15 am Reply

      thanks! I had such fun making them....almost as much as I had on the trampoline with them - that thing is addictive, I now want one all for myself;)

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