Back Porch Makeover: Adventures of Tom & Shelley

Total confession: I am officially addicted to building things. Yup, no surprise really but my new Ryobi miter saw is simply the bees knees.

Hello. My name is Heather and I’m addicted to cutting wood.

Much better than cheese amiright!?

Yes, thanks to the handy dandy power of the miter saw we were able to complete one of the many projects on the long list planned for our adventures.

See how excited we are?


Here’s the porch before we got started.

our ugly porch before

As you can see, the porch needed some serious love. Paint was faded and chipped, and a number of the stairs were rotting so I was constantly worried about dogs toe nails getting caught (meaning: big bloody mess & unhappy camper of a dog).

damaged porch rotting wood

The first thing we did was to rip out the old stairs.


….only to discover underneath our rotting porch was a crumbling concrete one…..oh the joys of old homes:)

The next thing we did was to measure out what we would need for wood and also what dimensions we would need our new stair stringers to be. Did you know that’s what those were called? I didn’t. I learned new skills AND a new word on this project:)


Before we could secure the stringers I removed the two big bushes from either side of the stairs, giving us more room to work – and honestly, I never loved them so it was a good excuse to see them go.

Brian helped me secure the the stringers to the concrete using his big giant man sized muscles and from there we were off to the races demolishing the rest, cutting the wood, and rebuilding it.




After it was all built (including some nice detail work by yours truly), it got a good sanding – especially the old painted areas, and a good cleaning.


And then the painting began.


I used PARA’s porch and floor paint in Designer’s Choice grey. I’m so pleased with the colour! The paint went down like a dream – we lucked out and had a break in the heat and the two days I was painting were breezy and perfect with no humidity.

Hermann enjoyed the beats courtesy of our Ryobi bluetooth boombox. I love this toy! And I’m sure my neighbours enjoyed a solid playlist of 90s hip hop.


And once the painting was done, I had to swallow a GIANT patience pill and wait….

We left the porch untouched for almost 40 straight hours and then we were able to add the finishing touches. Like the handy outdoor runner from Home Depot.


I spray painted the wicker chair white and the whole thing got put back together again. Granted, in a much nicer, cleaner, and sturdier way:)


Hermann’s tennis ball bucket went back to its ‘spot’ which makes him very happy:)



HUGE thanks to our partners on this project! Ryobi was kind enough to provide the super awesome miter saw (which honestly has not seen it’s full potential with me yet – so just wait world, just wait!), and the fun boombox. Para Paints was kind enough to supply the paint, and Home Depot provided us with a $100 gift card which we used towards the carpet and other supplies. We received no compensation and as always, the opinions come entirely from my beautiful brain.


  1. by Becki on August 15, 2016  11:36 pm Reply

    Looks great! Love that pic of Hermann and the radio!

    • by Heather on August 16, 2016  10:01 am Reply

      Thanks Becki:) It was such a fun project - and as usual, Hermann & Eddie helped by striking a pose for the camera:)

  2. by Paul MacInnes on August 16, 2016  3:27 pm Reply

    I am so proud and a little amazed. The porch looks fabulous. You must have got your talent from me.
    Love Dad

    • by Heather on August 16, 2016  3:32 pm Reply

      everything I needed to know about barbecuing, power tools, and paint I got from you:)

    • by Heather on August 19, 2016  1:20 pm Reply

      thank you so much friend:)

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