The Adventures of Tom & Shelley: Meet DH

Drum roll please…..

After four long years it’s time for you to get to know DH.

super sexy brian travis

Isn’t he dreamy?! #luckygirl

Let’s start with the basics – as in, his real name is actually handsome Brian. I call him Bri most of the time. Just like he calls me Heath. We’re Bri & Heath. Yes, we’re that annoying.

Here’ us at our wedding almost 13 years ago.

Heather and Brian Travis wedding day

When he’s not busy telling me how much he adores me, he can usually be found at his shop or riding one of his bicycles. His shop you say? Yes, shop. DH and I own and operate a bicycle store called Forks Bicycle Shop in our little town. He does 99% of everything, I just clean the toilet and decorate the windows:) #helpfulHeather

Here’s his super cute butt at work. Literally.

super cute butt of Brian Travis

WHICH is why if you’ve ever wondered why there are usually so many goddamned bicycles in my dining room at any given moment (as mentioned here), well he comes by it honestly because it’s part of the job description.

meet DH Brian and Heather Travis

In order to get to know DH a little bit better I thought it would be fun to do a Q & A. But since I knew DH would totally not be down for that, I decided to make it up – well not really. The answers are what I am pretty sure he would say so let’s just roll with it:)

Q: Do you read Heather In Heels?

A: I don’t read it. I live it.

Q: Are you excited about joining me in doing projects?

A: Excited? No. Glad we’ll be tackling projects that are actually on the house to-do list rather than coming home to you re-finishing some random whatever you found on the side of the road? YES.

Q: So what you’re saying is I chase shiny things?

A: *smirk* next question

Q: What project are you most excited to tackle together?

A: The hall closet. When all my cycling stuff is organized I’ll be very happy. The bathroom vanity too. Since you refuse to clean out the drain when it gets clogged I am looking forward to building our new vanity with a new sink that won’t get so gross.

Thanks DH! You’ve been a real treat:) If you want more DH, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @ErinForks (he’s the king of on-bike selfies) or visit the shop Facebook page.

In our next post I’ll be doing a round up of ALL the projects we’re hoping to tackle together, so stay tuned:)

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