Winter Weekend Menu: Girls just wanna have fun edition


how to plan an easy winter weekend getaway menu

Girls weekend!

Didn’t just reading that make you happy? That’s what girls weekends do, they make you happy.  If you haven’t had one in a while send a note to all your friends and plan one right now.  This very second.  You have my permission to look away from this post for a sec.  It will be worth it.  BUT then, come back here and finish reading the post because I’ve got your winter weekend menu solved.

Solved I tell you.  You’ll love me forever.  And your girlfriends will love you for reading this blog.  See how I solve things? Heather in Heels saves lives I tell you.  Okay, I stretch the truth.  But really, the menu is awesome (and easy!).

It’s the kind of weekend menu that is easy to prep in advance, easy to serve during the weekend, and is hearty and warm for a winter weekend getaway with the gals:)

For a recent girls weekend up at our cottage we wanted to spend time gabbing, snowshoeing, playing cards against humanity, and drinking enjoying each other’s company  – not slicing, dicing, and tripping over each other in a small cottage kitchen.

So here’s our weekend menu:

Friday night:

veggies and dip out for guests as they arrive, pour drinks and unwind

Joe Fresh leggins wine a book and fireplace in winter cozy Heather in Heels

Saturday breakfast:

yogurt, granola, fruit, coffee, tea, juices, toast with various spreads

Saturday lunch:

Curried leek and zucchini soup (from one of my fave cookbooks), assorted cheeses, meats, veggies, dip, and crackers

delicious lunch spread of curried leek and zucchini soup with assorted cheese and crackers and meats

Saturday dinner:

Black bean chili loaded with veggies and x-lean ground beef, served with avocado, cilantro, and nachos – plus we added in the veggies and dip leftover from lunch to the table

Sunday breakfast: 

bacon, eggs, avocado, cilantro, toast w spreads, yogurt, granola, coffee, tea, fruit

bacon eggs avocado cilantro toast juice breakfast with girls winter weekend food via Heather In Heels

All the prep and cooking was done in advance. Here’s how I mapped it all out.

The chili was made in a big batch the weekend prior.  I made a giant batch for our freezer and then enough for the girls weekend which I also froze and then used as ice packs in the cooler on the drive up.

The soup I made on Friday afternoon when I arrived at the cottage and enjoyed it for dinner while I waited for guests.  The rest was simple to lay out (like the cheeses and breakfast spreads), and then of course bacon was the best way to wake up the guests on Sunday.  Who can resist the smell of bacon?! So really, other than stirring things until they were warm, slicing up some cheeses & meats, and frying up heaven bacon and eggs it was all quite effortless.  And effortless is what you want on a weekend without makeup, only stretchy pants, and big cozy socks.

Three cheers for girls weekends!