White and gold bar cart makeover

Fresh and bright white and gold spray paint…

These are a few of my favourite things.

This bar cart makeover is definitely up there as one of my faves.  It was very easy, although at times annoying.

All. that. hardware.  Ugh.

But I survived, and now we have a fancy bar cart to pour our (well deserved) drinks from.

I found the cart at a barn sale last summer for only $40.  It’s Bombay Company and is technically a tea butler, because of it’s removable top tray.  But I wanted it to be a bar cart.  So it is.  #magicwand

bar cart before via @heathernheels

The first step was to take the entire unit apart.  Getting all the hardware off took some time, but I multi tasked and worked on my tan outside so it was worth it.  The second and most major step was sanding the bananas out of it.  And sand I did.  I used a 60 grit paper to strip and 120 grit to finish it before priming and painting.




Next came a good coat of primer and then two solid coats of my favourite white, Jo Jo Whitewash.  I spray painted the inside of the bottom cart gold (I’m so predictable! well that and it matches the hardware…) and put it all back together again.




Isn’t she puuuuurty?



I’m so in love.

I’d take a photo of entire dining room to show you how awesome it looks tucked into the corner…but umm.  I’m not going to.  I’ve already started work on our new dining room buffet makeover, which means there are drawers on the table.  Hardware is everywhere.  There are buckets of paint on the flooor and a load of gym/cycling clothes drying on the dining room chairs.

And since I bought mini bottles of coke and $6 worth of limes and cut them up at 8am just to take photos, let’s just all enjoy this lovely staged reality…k?  ;0

But seriously, so pretty right?!


I’d love to know what you think, and while we’re at it…what’s your favourite drink? Leave a comment here or over on Facebook.


Products Used:

  • Ryobi random orbit 5″ hand sander (I love this thing!)
  • PARA Paints PF17 Jo Jo Whitewash furniture & cabinet paint
  • PARA Paints Super Stick primer
  • Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint







  1. by Shelly on September 1, 2015  2:09 pm Reply

    It looks fantastic Heather! So fresh! My new favourite liquor is Sophia's Lemoncella. I put it in all of my Islandy (yes that's a word) drinks. I love it. Just discovered it this year.

    • by Heather on September 2, 2015  8:41 am Reply

      mmmm YUM! sounds delish!!

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  3. by Jan Horwood on September 29, 2015  1:07 pm Reply

    I just came over from Home on 129 Acres. Your bar cart looks divine! Will the stilettos be making a reappearance after the staging op is done? What a cute use for them!

    • by Heather on October 4, 2015  12:34 pm Reply

      thanks Jan! :) Funny enough I actually sold the stilettos at my spring garage sale.

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