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Oh those purple floors.  So fabulous.  And honestly, very easy to do.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry! I put one of the dog gates at the door to stop the dogs…oh who I am kidding, ME! I was stopping myself from going in too soon! I love putting check marks beside things, getting ‘er done as they say.  So I stood at that gate like a depressed pooch and just ‘dressed’ the room in my mind…for periods of time I’d rather not specify it’s slightly pathetic.


Okay, so back to painting floors. Here is my #1 tip when it comes to painting floors, you must WAIT. Wait for them to dry thoroughly.  You will thank yourself later.

My steps for painting wood floors:

  • Remove all the furniture from the room (obvi)
  • Sweep, dust mope, vacuum (get it CLEAN!)
  • I then used a natural TSP cleaner called Natura to wash the floors as preparation

Note: If you are doing a high traffic area, I would suggest giving it a good sanding before you clean to give the paint even more to stick to.

  • With my brush, I went around the room and did the first few inches next to the trim (I never use tape…when your house has been standing for 120 odd years there are no straight lines making taping a pain, plus I cut like a champ! a champ I tell you!)

DIY Den by @heathernheels



  • Next, a solid but light coat of the paint when down using a roller brush
  • I used Para’s SuperGrip Epoxy-Fortified Acrylic Enamel for Floors
  • AND THEN I WAITED….24 hours …. it was exhausting




NOTE: if you are going to be painting a high traffic area like hallway, stairs, or even a kids room you might want to wait a full 48 hours between coats.

  • I then did a second coat with the brush around the trim
  • Because I was putting dark on top of dark, a second coat was all it needed to be lusciously purple
  • Finally, a second coat with the roller brush
  • …and then I WAITED…48 hours this time…I can’t even tell you….oy
  • but it was SO WORTH it!


I am so in love with the floors and just love how they make the beautiful art pop, how the colour brings out a bit of the pink in the walls, and that it’s bold without being bright.  I also loved using a colour this way, on the floor!

art from minted perfectly matches the purple para paints floors via @heathernheels

Have fun painting your floors:)!



Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use, however does not compensate me financially for the time, energy, creativity, and bruises I get going nuts with all the painting:).  

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  1. by Khadija on July 28, 2015  2:04 pm Reply

    They look so awesome. How have they held up? i have been thinking about painting some of our wood floors too. I love the bold color you used.

    • by Heather on July 28, 2015  2:29 pm Reply

      they've held up well, but I it's also not a high traffic area - I would definitely let them dry longer and give the floor a good sanding if it's high traffic:)

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