Vintage addition to main floor powder room

We were recently given what the generous gift giver thought was an antique bicycle pump. After some research online, I discovered it was a vintage garden sprayer. My guess is that you would connect a hose from your water basin and then pump the water out through the holes at the end. Kind of a like an old school super soaker.

We both think it’s quite lovely looking and so I put my brain to figuring out how and where it would be displayed. I was also attempting to see if it could also do double duty and be functional too….which was an interesting challenge.

I was wandering around the house with it when mother nature called and I stopped in our main floor powder room. Reaching for the toilet paper I realized that was my solution. Enter some curtain tie backs I had (which I spray painted white), my Ryobi drill, a level, and a wire basket I had in a closet upstairs. I gave it a good polish with some brass cleaner and got to work on the simple installation.


It looks so much nicer than the old toilet paper holder, and it’s the perfect place to display this new treasure.


Of course, my camera can’t be out without one or both of the boys thinking it’s for them:) And you can see in the photo above, we’ve installed a fabulous crystal chandelier in the powder room since I painted it.


I must say, I am delighted!


  1. by Isabelle on July 2, 2014  9:11 am Reply

    LOL! Fantastic. Many great ideas can be attributed to sitting on the toilet. Well done my dear.

    • by Heather on July 2, 2014  9:17 am Reply

      ha! so true! Thanks Isabelle:)

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  3. by Tarahlynn on February 9, 2016  3:28 pm Reply

    That's very cool! What a neat idea and isn't always such a plus to also have real function too? Looks like it would also double as a towel holder :)

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