Project Memory Window

I’ve been on a bit of a purge lately. Getting rid of things we don’t use is not only very therapeutic, it is also very effective for keeping things clean and tidy.

One thing I know I won’t part with, but also find odd to keep squirrelled away in a box, are the cards DH and I have exchanged over the years. Some of them are very touching, others are ridiculously funny.

To give them a home, I decided yesterday to pull one of the old windows out from the shed for a project. I call it, Project Memory Window.


I kid. It’s not all that deep. It’s just a fun way to use an old thing (the window) to display some memories (cards, photos, whatever). I figure I may rotate through some other things from boxes like photos or more cards to give them a time to shine. I could also use it for holiday decor or other little seasonal decorating. For now, I like it the way it is. I had a good chuckle reading through some of our cards. It was a super easy project to do and was a charming walk down memory lane. Amazing to see how far we’ve come…. and it’s only just begun:)

The project entailed me bringing the window in from the shed to ‘dry’ and warm up overnight. Giving it a good clean in the morning and then sanding it down. Giving it two good coats of paint and installing the hanging hardware. Finally, using your trusty staple gun install the twine (knotted ends so it doesn’t slip) and clip your mementos to each line.